The Perfect Listing Photos

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Before you hang your ‘For Sale’ sign up, it’s important to have standout photos that represent your home in the best possible way. Now a day, most consumers begin their search for a new home online. Having professional and beautifully captured photos of your home is key to catching the eye of potential homebuyers!

Find Your Team

The Sunday River Real Estate team is here to market your home to potential buyers and to highlight your home’s most prominent features. With years of experience in the new landscape of digital real estate, we know how to capture your home’s essence for everyone viewing online. With the help of our professional photographers, our team is equipped to showcase your team’s best features. And with a dedicated marketing team at the resort, we are also able to showcase your property (and your beautiful photos) through a number of channels.

Stage Your Home

Take the time to organize your home and cleanse your space from the kid’s toys, dog toys, and unfolded laundry hanging out on the couch. Maybe even take some time to Marie Kondo your home before you start the selling process! The cleaner and more organized your home appears, the easier it is for another family or homebuyer to picture themselves in the space. Ultimately, you’re giving them hope that they can be as organized and put together in this home as opposed to their current residence.

Honesty is Key

Remember to keep as much of the photos as natural as possible. Refrain from highly saturated filters and wide lenses—you don’t want your potential buys expecting one thing and seeing another in-person. Rather than adding a filter to your photos, opt for as much natural light as possible. If space seems to be an issue, work with the furniture in the space to find a way to maximize your space and the use of it.

Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

While the inside of your home is important, your backyard or location often comes in a close second. Offer your potential home buyers a glimpse into your backyard, front yard, and neighborhood atmosphere.


Perhaps you do this with an aerial photo of your house and the neighborhood you are in. Maybe, you highlight your backyard ’s new pool and recently renovated patio. If you’re listing in the winter, you can expect some avid skiers and snowboarders to be looking at these photos, so don’t hesitate to include shots of a snowy yard as well.

Capturing your home can be difficult, but, at Sunday River Real Estate, our team has the knowledge and resources to make sure potential homebuyer see the same value in your home that we see.


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