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The Grand Summit Hotel and Jordan Hotel are rich in amenities and boast premier slopeside locations. Resort hotel quartershare ownership at either property allows owners to experience resort living that is completely turnkey. The services that guests to these hotels experience during their stays are available to owners 365 days a year, including ski storage, parking, and ski valet services, not to mention use of the resort and its dining amenities.

Fully deeded quartershares provide personal usage every fourth week. Hotel ownership is ideal for the mountain enthusiast who plans to visit three to five times a year. As a member of the Boyne Resorts family, owners at our Grand Summit or Jordan Hotels are also eligible for membership in Boyne Vacation Club, which provides benefits across the Boyne resorts. Owners also benefit from affiliations with Interval International and RCI, which open a range of travel opportunities at resort destinations around the world.  

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Grand Summit Hotel

The Grand Summit pioneered the way for quarter ownership at Sunday River. Located in the heart of the resort, this hotel is a landmark at the resort and provides easy access to core activities. The slopeside location is ideal for families, with a number of green trails nearby.

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Jordan Hotel

Approaching the Jordan Hotel, owners and guests feel they have arrived. The Jordan Bowl trails provide a stunning backdrop and views to the Mahoosuc Mountain range abound. Identified as the quieter end of the resort, the Jordan Hotel provides a bit of seclusion from the core of the resort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The quartershares are on a rotating schedule. 3-year calendars are available on each hotel page to show which 13 weeks per year are included for each quarter.

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Each year, you will be asked if you would like to keep your week to use yourself, or put it into the rental pool.

By agreeing to put your unit into the rental pool, the resort will use it as a short-term rental option for visiting guests.

Pending receipt of your calendar, the resort will continue to place rentals into your unit. Any unit for which a current calendar is not on file will default to the rental pool for all dates. A delay in returning your calendar may result in the inability to honor owner requests during higher business levels. Our goal as managers is to maximize the number of times your unit is rented. However, your room is not guaranteed to be rented if it is in the rental pool.

The rental spilt is 45/55 and you can expect to get close to half of your fees paid if your unit is in the rental pool year round. There are no guarantees and we cannot legally give out what an owner made renting their unit.

No. You can select which dates of your assigned weeks you would like to use, and the rest will go into the rental pool.

Yes, you may use your owner locker, the Crown Club, the fitness center, and heated outdoor pool and hot tub when it is not your week.

Yes. Our space available program allows you to rent another room at the hotel for up to three nights. You will pay a discounted rate for the room to cover housekeeping fees only. It is offered at the management's discretion and is based on availability and occupancy levels.

The carrying cost of ownership includes the maintenance fees, taxes, and housekeeping fees.

The maintenance fees are paid four times per a year and differ based on unit size and type. The taxes are paid once per a year to the town of Newry. You can find both of those numbers under each listing's 'More Details' tab.

The housekeeping fees are $51-$70 for set up and $25-$35 per a day depending on unit size. These fees are only paid when you are using your unit.

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