5 Green Ideas for a More Eco-Friendly Ski Home

A-frame ski home in the woods with lights on the roof

Welcome to 2021, Sunday River family! Is one of your new year’s resolutions to be more environmentally conscious this year? If so, our real estate team has some ideas on how to make your ski home more eco-friendly. Climate change and global warming are some of the biggest problems facing our world. Here at Sunday River, we’re aiming to do our part and are making resort-wide improvements as part of the Sunday River 2030 plan. Homeowners and renters can be a part of the solution, too, by implementing some of these ideas.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

How you light your ski home can make a big difference in your household environmental footprint. To reduce your electricity bill and help the climate, make the switch from traditional bulbs to a more eco-friendly option. You can learn more about the different types of lighting here.

Solar Panels

Are you planning on building your ski home on one of the Merrill Hill sites? Why not install solar panels on your new home? This is one of the most environmentally-friendly choices you can make for your home’s future.

Plants for Purification

Not only will adding greenery to your ski home create a cozier environment, but certain plants can actually benefit your home by cleansing toxins from the air. Add a few pots to your windowsill to brighten up your rooms and purify your space.

Natural Cleaning Products

There are plenty of awesome brands making natural products that are safe for your home and better for the environment. If you want to take it one step further, make your own DIY cleaning product with white vinegar, water, and essential oils.

Hang Dry When Possible

A great way to take better care of your garments and save when it comes to energy usage is to skip the dryer whenever possible. Set up a drying rack in an unused spot in your ski home and hang dry bedding, delicates, and anything else that doesn’t need to be machine-dried.

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