Low Maintenance Houseplants for your Ski Home

house plants

A fresh storm just made it’s way to Bethel and the trees have become a resting stop for snowflakes, as well as the screensaver on your phone. As the sun goes down, that scenic view of the Sunday River’s 8 peaks fades away and the inevitable Winter gloom somehow takes a hold.

So, what is the cure to a cozy home both in the early morning and late hours of the night? Plants.

No matter how many family photos hang from the wall and candles sit on fire mantles, plants have been proven to both add decor to the room and eliminate stress.

Yes, we understand having plants in a vacation home could be a difficult feat but, if done correctly, you can easily accomplish low maintenance and high-quality cozy winter vibes.

Succulents & Cacti

Provided both partial shade and sunlight, succulents will thrive in your ski home. Succulents store water in their leaves so, they require water every one or two months during the Winter. These effortless plants add comfort and coziness t0 your home either stacked on coffee table reads or as a centerpiece for your kitchen island. 


Both effective and decorative, the Aloe Vera plant is a great addition to any ski cabin. Ideally placed in a Western or Southern window, the Aloe Vera plant needs water every three weeks, or during Winter months, every month. If kept in an ideal spot, this plant will thrive in any cabin, with or without guests.

Hoya Plant (Wax Plant)

 Hoya Plants, more commonly known as Wax Plants, vary in terms of what they need. The fashionable plant is known for its longevity in life if taken care of properly. Most Hoyas require indirect light, and water every four weeks. As with most succulents, be careful not to overwater your Hoya.

A string of Buttons (Crassula Perforata)

 The perfect plant decor to hang from your wall, the Crassula Perforata should rest in an area with full sunlight or little shade. Like most succulents, this plant needs watering only when it’s soil is completely dry.

Wax Begonias 

Ideal for a winter home, Wax Begonias are a year-round blooming plant that loves the sun. In the colder months, a Wax Begonia does best in a South or West facing window, especially once the Winter frost comes around.


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