Owning Hygge in the Mountains

Cozy living room

I was recently introduced to hygge, pronounced “hoo-ga,” the Danish lifestyle craze catching on everywhere in a big way.

Based on my research, Danes seem determined to be the happiest people on earth, which I find remarkable considering their long cold winters with little light. Hygge, as I understand it, is best described as a feeling of coziness and a warm atmosphere shared with family and friends—a lifestyle that really applies to every condo and ski home in the Bethel and Newry area.

According to the Danes, hygge is associated with terms or things like “woodsy, fireplace, comfort foods, bacon, cake, wooly socks, candles, beer, wine…all to be shared with close friends and family.” Since Sunday River is already so many skiers’ and riders’ true Happy Place, I thought it might be fun to show how some of our clients have used hygge (knowingly or not) to create some amazing real estate opportunities.

Want to learn more about how to use hygge to sell? Check out this article:”What Is ‘Hygge’? The Feng Shui of 2017″ on Realtor.com.

Go for comfort: 

owning hygge

This house on Chesnut Knoll in Bethel epitomizes a comfortable hygge experience. 194 Chestnut Knoll LN, Bethel, ME 04286 (MLS # 1283004)

Play up natural light:

owning hygge

Play up a room drenched with natural light by adding a reading or sitting area. 12 Alder LN 12, Newry, ME 04261 (MLS # 1260283)


owning hygge

Can’t you envision entertaining friends and family in this Tempest Ridge space? 6 Underpass Lane 6, Newry, ME 04261 (MLS # 1160622)


owning hygge

Does a more dreamy place to unwind after a long day on the slopes even exist? Unlikely. 81 Appalachian DR, Newry, ME 04261 (MLS # 1253760)

Keep clutter to a minimum:

owning hygge

Strategic cabinetry combined with selective decor keeps this North Peak condo clutter free. 372 Skiway Road, North Peak II 307, Newry, ME 04261 (MLS # 1275576)

In conclusion, based on this bit of hygge meets real estate research, it’s no wonder why Sunday River has the happiest people on earth—we simply offer the best real estate opportunities in the happiest place on earth. Please share with us your most hygge experience at Sunday River and swing by our office in the South Ridge Lodge.



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