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Summer Decorating Tips for Ski Homes

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Whether you are renting out your ski home during the summer or spending some time there over the warm months for yourself, it’s nice to make it feel more in season. We’ve put together a short guide with some quick and easy summer decorating tips for you to transform your home.

Clean Up the Ski Theme

Is your ski home decked out with the winter classics? Vintage skis, trail signs, trail maps, fur, dark-colored decor—the list goes on and on. If so, the quickest way to fix this is to take down a few things and keep the ski theme to a minimum. Don’t get rid of everything in sight, just the decor that feels like it’s meant for snowy days. Maybe add new decor for summer adventures: paddles, fishing rods, mountain wall art, and the like.

Brighten the Space for Summer

If your ski home has mostly dark and cozy colors, add a fun color to the mix to quickly brighten and liven things up. This can be done easily by adding bright pillows or throws to your furniture, or brighter decor items like candles, vases, and more.

Create an Outdoor Atmosphere

One of the best parts about summer is enjoying your deck space. To create the perfect atmosphere, add seating, good lighting, and fire up the grill. If you are thinking of adding a hot tub, check out our installation guide.

Decorate with Plants

A simple way to transition from winter to summer is with greenery. We previously wrote a post about low maintenance houseplants, but here are a few more ideas and summer arrangements that could be put out before your renters arrive, or while you’re staying or entertaining in your home.

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