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Sunday River has ten slopeside condominiums and townhomes to make skiing and riding at the resort, day or evening, easy and flexible for everyone in the family. We even have a neighborhood called The Glades at Ridge Run that affords families estate homes with ski-in/ski-out access on the Ridge Run trail. But, if you are wishing you could find a ski-in/ski-out option that fits your style, size and budget, we have options that allow you to own or rent an off-mountain home or condominium with the benefits of on-mountain living.

Hotel quarter share ownership offers 13 weeks per year for you to use or rent your unit, plus year-round access to a parking spot, ski locker, fitness center, and heated outdoor pool and hot tub. Being an owner at one of our slopeside resort hotels—the Grand Summit or Jordan Hotel—connects you to true on-mountain living. You have the option to use your unit yourself, rent it out to our lodging guests, or book a vacation through Boyne Vacation Club to stay at one of our many Boyne Resorts properties. You can even book a last minute trip to Sunday River’s hotels when it is not your allotted week for a significantly discounted rate with our space available program, and receive special discounts and offers through our rental partner program. Prices per unit start at $1,000, but vary at each hotel.

If you’re interested in owning or renting an off-mountain property, you may also want to look into a Sunday River seasonal preferred parking pass or base lodge ski locker. An incredibly popular offering at the resort, both the seasonal lockers and parking passes have waiting lists for the South Ridge Lodge and Barker Lodge locations.

Preferred parking passes are transferable from car to car. The parking areas are reserved for weekends and holidays only, from November 1 through closing day from 7AM to 10AM only. After 10AM, these parking areas open to the public. Seasonal ski lockers in the base lodges are available from November through April and are designed to fit 1-2 people’s gear.

South Ridge Lodge

Locker Room A


per season 12″ W x 24″ D x 78″ h

Locker Room B


per season 15″ W x 24″ D x 78″ H

Locker Room C


per season 24″ W x 24″ D x 78″ H

Preferred Parking Pass


per season Lot 2

Barker Lodge

Barker Locker Room


per season 12″ W x 24″ D x 78″ H

Preferred Parking Pass


per season Barker Lot

The resort works hard to offer off-mountain homeowners and day-trippers an ease of access, as well as spectacular amenities for on-mountain home and condo owners. Contact the real estate team to learn more about your options at Sunday River.

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