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The Kids of Sunday River Real Estate

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A typical day in our real estate office has most of what you would expect; phones ringing, people coming and going, the printer spitting out documents, and so it goes. But in the midst of it all of that, what you might not expect is to see kids — our kids — gearing up and heading out on the hill.

We all know that Sunday River provides a sought-after lifestyle, and that is exactly what draws our own families to the mountain. Every parent wants to create lasting memories for their kids. Let us introduce you to ours.


Julia’s daughter is the youngest and is as expressive as her Kid in ski helmetmother. She started in the Mini Runners program at 3, River Runners at 5, and joined the Gould Academy Competition Program (GACP) when she was 7. Now a whopping 10-years-old and a first year U12, Char has come into her own as a racer. She’s placed consistently in the top 10 this season with a 5th place and two 3rd place medals so far. Though skiing is her top priority, Charlotte is obsessed with soccer, theater, reading, and making videos and homemade slime. Little does she know at this age just how special it is to grow up in this small town filled with big opportunities. If you see a little red-haired determined girl racing down Monday Mourning, say hi to Charlotte.


Shenia’s daughter graduated from Telstar High School last spring, Smiling kid is going to college and working part-time at Sunday River as a snowboard instructor. Olivia strapped into her first snowboard when she was 7-years-old. It was good old recreational family fun time. Today as an instructor, she gains more than just an employment opportunity. She now gets the experience of working with riders of all ages and ability levels, and sometimes even builds snowmen for the more distracted client!


Margie’s daughter is a junior at Gould Academy. She also got her ski legs at River Runners, and not wanting to have the fun Girl with kidsend there, she moved onto the Junior Professional Program where she honed her coaching skills. Caroline has always been a social butterfly, with an understated confidence and an easy going nature, which makes coaching a perfect match for her.  Now as a student at Gould she coaches local elementary school students through the Rug Rats Program, a partnership between Gould Academy, Sunday River’s Perfect Turn Ski and Snowboard School, and local elementary schools. She especially loves the challenge of helping the most reluctant student ski down the hill with a smile on their face and wanting more.


Cheri’s daughter graduated from Northeastern University last May with a degreeKid on skis in architecture and is currently employed in her field in Portland.  She started skiing when she was 3, joined River Runners at 4 and raced with the GACP through her freshman year of high school. She continued her education at Holderness School and was on the ski team there until she graduated. Her transition to Northeastern was a breeze where she skied for 4 years as vice president of the ski team. You can usually find Marion on the weekends at The Foggy Goggle (which one the award for Best Nachos in the Best of Bethel Awards) where she hostesses. Don’t let Marion’s model looks intimidate you.  She doesn’t take herself too seriously, has an easy going nature and exudes warmth.

Gracie & Marshall

Greg’s kids are grown and gone, but that didn’t stop him and his wife Susan from Two Australian shepherds in the snowstarting their second family. Meet Gracie and Marshall, their one-year-oldAustralian Shepards. They love powder too, especially this winter when they were able to jump (err….I mean walk) over their fence to greet the neighbors. And here they are in this prized photo, sitting on top of the grill on their snow-covered back deck. Life is good, very good, for these pooches.

The bottom line, we live in an area that is fun, and our kids are reaping the rewards. If you are curious about any of the Kid’s Seasonal Programs that we have mentioned in our blog, just ask us. Or better yet, ask our kids!

Written by Shenia Desroches, Margie Finley-Camden, Greg Graves, Cheri Thurston, and Julia Young.

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